A cryptocurrency exchange platform (Arzunex) - UI case study


Jan 2022 - June 2022
(6 Months)

My Role

Product Designer


Crypto, Fintech


Figma, Figjam, Adobe Illustrator


Responsive website

Live website  



“Arzunex” is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables Iranian users to trade and exchange cryptocurrency easily. I worked on this project with Niayesh as the design team.

  • Goal:
    The main goal of this project was to design a usable, easy-to-use, beautiful user interface for a cryptocurrency exchange platform for Iranian users.
  • Research & Ideation:
    The research in this project was mainly conducted through competitive audits. I also ran some expert interviews to get a better understanding of the cryptocurrency industry’s terms and definitions.
  • Design team:

UI design , Design system , Prototype, Competitive audit , Expert interview , development audit


UI design , Competitive audit , Information architecture , Components , Prototype & interactions

Arzunex is currently in MVP version which includes all the features explained in this case study except “Spot trading”.


The research in this project was mainly conducted through competitive audits and expert interviews. Competitive audit was used for the ideation process and the construction of the information architecture. Also, in order to better understand the definitions and terminology of the crypto field, several interview sessions were held with experts.

  Competitive audit

Six competitors were reviewed. The summary of the competitive audit can be seen in the photo below. Click on the button below to see the complete document of competitive audit in Figma.

  Information Architecture

We started to build information architecture for this product, as we were ideating about how the product should work based on the insights obtained from the competitive audits and expert interviews.
The steps we took to build the information architecture of Arzunex were:

  • Conducting competitive audits
  • Gathering content inventory
  • Ideation sessions with stakeholders to decide on which content and features to be used
  • categorizing them in ideation sessions
  • Building navigation system and site map

  Initial flows

The summary of the user’s main flow for registration, authentication, deposit, and finally placing the spot and fiat order can be seen bellow:

  Style guide




Grid system

We used Bootstrap v.5 grid system in association with the front-end developers to ensure the best responsive user experience.

  Component system



  Hi-fi UI designs - Website

More than 46 main and secondary final polished mockup pages were created in desktop and mobile mode.


Crypto Prices

Contact Us

  Hi-fi UI designs - User Panel

A fully responsive user panel enables users to access the product easily via any device.

Spot Trade


Bank Card

Fiat Trade





  Development audit

I was responsible for testing and reviewing the designs after development. After completing the coding in stage mode, the developed pages were analyzed using “Heurio” to identify any issues related to the accurate implementation of flows, component performance, design details, micro-interactions, and more.